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Friday, February 15, 2008

Mini Album

I made this for my neighbor to hold all the photos of her grandchildren. This is a mini album made with Name Badge tags and chipboard. I used binder rings to hold it together where the name badge holes already were punched.

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GramaPatti said...

Isn't she INCREDIBLE?!?!

One of the greatest honors in my life is to be known as "Kim's Neighbor". I am either Kim's greatest inspiration or her greatest aggravation - she never knows, as it changes from day to day (and sometimes from hour to hour)!

Kim would never admit to this - but she owes something to me as I am the person who re-organizes her after she has had a flurry of inspiration which causes her supplies to wander about looking for their homes! Also, I have a lot of NEEDS when it comes to cards and other products; and I am not shy about asking for specific requirements.

I am constantly amazed by the talent and quality that comes out of her CreativeNiche.

Keep your eye on this site - and you, too, will become an admirer of MY neighbor, Kim!