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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Birthday spent with BFF

So I got to spend my birthday with my bff, Becky Roberts in Boise!  It was an amazing day filled with everything special as you can imagine.  But now to explain this photo.....so our first stop in the day of shopping was at Archiver's Scrapbook Store!!!! (never been to one, or for that matter, never heard of such a place) We walked into the store and this lady, her name is Sandy Young, approached us and introduced herself....blog stocker as we call ourselves, right!  She was the nicest lady and Becky and myself were honored to have our photo taken with her.  She isn't even from Idaho, she was visiting as well!  But she knew Becky and "her bff" as soon as we walked in the door!  So if you are reading blogs today Sandy, it was my birthday and you made my day as well!!! Thank you!

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