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Friday, April 4, 2008

Black and White Surprise

Maybe this should be called...."Its all about Brit".....Today, yet another package arrived from my dear friend in Idaho. I was so excited to get it open. On the top was a beautiful card, you can see it on her blog (inkingidaho.blogspot.com). It is round with flowers, very pretty. Anyway, peeling away the layers was this wonderful frame, zebra binder clips (of course I loved them), little plastic jars that stack, magnet snaps, and two catalogs. I wish I got this kind of mail everyday. It was all very thoughtful and I adore it! Can't wait to get something made with the magnets and send it off to her. Thanks for the fun Becky. Ps. This is so much prettier in real life....the black has pattern and depth and details that you dont see. Double click and make it bigger to get a real look....

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