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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Convention Highlights 2009

Tonic Sol Fa.....if you have not ever heard of these guys from MN!!!!! They are so good, this is their second time to Convention and I will be hunting down their CD because the line to buy one was hours long!!

Ok, YES, that is ME walking with Shelli!!!!!!!!!!!! back to our seats after Sterling, her husband, grabbed me and put me in the Conga Line behind her, Shelli Gardner, CEO of SU!!! Come on people this is exciting!!!!

Convention swaps.....and they were CASED from Shelli herself....

oh yes, the business cards I created before I went to convention.......and left on the desk...:(
so have you got the feel of what convention is like? maybe a little?

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ktstamps said...

How did you make these business cards? These are great...do you have a recipe you would share? Please and thank you! kt