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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Downline Promotes

Jackie is the first one in my downline to promote to Senior Associate.  I offered my downline a challenge and the first one to promote would receive my convention bag and the Tiny Tags Stamps
Also, when each of them placed an order in October, they get a gift from me, we wont share that with you, cause the other girls are still working toward getting theirs. So Congrats Jackie!!! (yes her bag has a matching tag that says Congrats Jackie, Sr Associate.... and so did the stamp set).
(She was more excited than she looks, I should have taken a better photo huh!!)

                    And her October gift for placing an order...


Inking Idaho said...

Congratulations Kim on YOUR promotion and congratulations Jackie you YOURS!! Great job girls!!

Lorri said...

WAY TO GO KIM!!!! I LOVE your goal-setting ways and ACHIEVEMENTS!! Great job!

Sue Dyas said...

Congratulations Kim on your promotion !!! Tell Jackie congrats on hers too!! Woo Hoo !!
Such good news to start the week out with!