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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How cute is this!!!!

 So when I was shopping the other day, this card, the ONLY card, caught my eye....Well, those of you that follow my blog, also know my daughter has a Yorkie named Mowgli.  He is so much cuter, but I always call him my little punkin, so how could I pass up this card!!!  He got crafty treats with it since the card was a "bought" card...oh my!!!


Sue Dyas said...

Kim - You found the PERFECT card!! No way that you could pass that up!! Give Mowgli a kiss from me !!

Inking Idaho said...

Ahhh...excuse me BFF...did you really buy this card? Hello...you have tools and skills. I'm sure you could have used your punches and stamps and maybe one of the 10,000 pictures you have of your granddog and made a 'real' card!

Love ya tho!