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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Before I Loose YOU!

My NEW 12X12 paper trays!  A local scrapbook store is closing, so I was able to purchase these from them!  So the whole room got a makeover!

My computer area....

My stamping area....wow, is that clean!

Before I loose any of you for lack of posting, I figured I better get busy.  Wait, I have been so busy, thus the reason nothing new is on my blog.....I promise it will get better!  And wait until you see the December I have to share with you.....Enjoy!  Oh you will notice these photos were taken at Halloween, and December 1st  they get loaded to my computer!  Yikes!  Happy December!


Diana Gibbs said...

Finally! I was almost thinking you were pulling my leg about your new paper storage dealie!
Room looks great!
Love ya,

♥Wendi said...

Oh so clean and pretty. I am super jealous. Mine looks like a tornado hit. I better get to work and clean it up!

Sue Dyas said...

Love what you did to the craft room. I've been waiting for you to show it off. Wonderful !!!