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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mowgli get's a baby sister.....

awww....I know right, Brit got another Yorkie when she was home for Thanksgiving.  This is L'l Coi and she is 4 months, Mowgli is pretty proud of her and loves her to pieces.  After arriving back  home, Brit soon realized puppies take so much more work than she remembered and she began finding her new baby a home.....in tears I will add.  But when she found the perfect home, she began feeling better about her discussion.  Lil Coi is going to a wonderful home where they have a Yorkie as well, so she will have someone to play with.  They also have made arrangements for an open adoption and Brit and Mowgli can visit her often.  In a very short week, we have all grown to love this little peanut and I will miss her too, as you can imagine!  So now you ask....why I didn't take her......I would have loved too, but I can't right now.  I have Nooka, Braydon's dog most of the time and my time is full.  But yes, someday I will have a Yorkie too!  But for now, I just will love on my little Mowgli when they are home....Bye sweet Lil Coi, g'ma will always love you!

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