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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Few Cruise Highlights to Share

Diana Gibbs sent these pics to me this morning, mine are not downloaded yet...so here is sharing....This is the morning we were to see the first glacier at the end of Tracy's Arm....we were arriving to the glacier at 6 am....so it is o'early!!!!  Coffee and Bailey's morning.....(it was not real cold, but I had 4 layers on)

The ice in the water that you can see are chunks from the glacier and you only see an 1/8 of the piece, 7/8 is under the water....

Make and Takes.....Kim and Diana ready to dig in and start stampin!!!

This is the table of woman that I shared Make and Takes with....so myself, Diana, Leeann and the 2 ladies on the end closest to the camera I did not know or meet, so if you know them, let me know....and Meg is hiding (going down the other side of the table) Tiffany and Susie.  What a fun time this was...we went for adult beverages when we finished, followed by a nap....and dinner!

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Diana Gibbs said...

Such great memories eh Kim?
Can't wait to see you in SLC!
Love ya,