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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Alaska 2011

The CRUISE is great!  Don't get me wrong, BUT the Stampin' Up gifts that come with the cruise are the BEST!  So this is the documents that arrived in the mail...cute huh!

Waking up in Seattle the morning we were to board the ship and this is the sight out our hotel window.....WE ARE ACROSS THE STREET....excitement is building!

Sailing away at 4pm....and what a beautiful day it was...

These were on our room doors when we arrived....got lots of guests asking questions about who we were....REALLY, you don't know!!!!

And who do we run into....Sarah Palin herself.....come on girls...photos....So myself, Sarah, Meg and Diana
(Sarah must have a bullet proof screen in front of her) heehee

Beautiful morning again at the glacier in Tracy Arm Fjords

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Diana Gibbs said...

That is the three brides eh? oh and Palin...ha!

Love ya sistah,