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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

This is my husbands Valentine and he would kill me if he knew I was posting it for everyone to see...but, it turned out so cute, how can I not share it.

Have you ordered the FREE My Digital Studio to play with for 30 days yet....?  DO IT!!!!! This is item number # 129013 in the digital downloads for this project.

It is a swatch book and it is perfect for your grandkids, your kids, your dog....whatever!  Even a friend....be sure you can say 16 nice things about that person or animal....hee hee

I had not done anything with our Stampin' Up trip photos from Alaska, so I decided to make them into a little book and I love love love how it turned out!

Really.....its this easy..........ONE download the program, TWO download this template, THREE drag your photos over and add the words where it says "place text here" and send off to Stampin' Up to print

Its high quality paper and it has a plastic cover on the front and back

Here are all the photos and wont it be a perfect Valentine?  For all of you who know my husband, stop laughing!

Contact me if you missed the details on the FREE my digital studio and I will email you the details to get started!


Diana Gibbs said...

laughing? I aint laughing, this is a great idea.
will have to do it for another holiday.
Happy Valentines Day my sweet friend.
Love you,

Ruthie Graen said...

Hi Kim! Love your project! Nicely done! I feel all thumbs with digital studio. I must keep trying! Thanks for the inspiration! Miss you Kim..will need to cook up some stuff for convention this year! I'd rather cook some up with you than be the one getting cooked! Enjoyed your posts on IEWB as well! Yeah!!!!