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Friday, February 10, 2012

Welcome to my Stamp Room

Welcome to my play area....yes I love to surround myself with lots of creativeness.....

I was able to purchase these paper racks from a scrapbook store that was going out of business and I love to see all the Stampin' Up colors when I sit at my desk!

This is my old paper holder and so I had to revise it a bit....so I turned it into drawers using the clear acrylic frames....they work great!

So here is where I store my punches and they are easy to see and get to, and lots of other items are stored here too...

I love the wall decor and how it adds so much to my room...

Here is my computer area and yes I cant see, so I have my lap top and a larger monitor....BFF and I make a great pair huh!

So you see my clear stamp storage and then I have great things, (not labeled yet) in the white boxes...so will share that detail another day.

Two desks?  Yes, when on is full, move over to the clean one right...really I stamp at one and do computer stuff at this one.

This draws everyone into my office, they have to see what is on my display and then I also have my punches on a wonderful storage board my husband made for me.....but he didn't make room for more, ???!!!!

These brown boxes store all my Big Shot items and they are the BEST!  If you are not using them, you need to!  I will buy more for my bathroom organization also.  They are pretty and they have texture!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They are found in our catalog.

so what are you waiting for....come stamp with me!


Connie Collins said...

Love your stamp room!

Diana Gibbs said...

Knock! Knock! Are ya home?
Love it, love YOU!